Certain Yast modules hang/peg CPU

Recently installed Leap 42.3 on a new Dell Precision 3520. Opening the Yast2 bootloader or hwinfo modules results in the modules hanging and the CPU utilization going to over 200% according to top. The fans spool up to full speed and the laptop blows hot air like a heat gun. In the case of the bootloader module, the issue only arises if you click on the “Kernel Parameters” tab. The hwinfo module makes it to 25%/Framebuffer before the behavior starts. This behavior occurs whether I open the modules from the Yast Control Center or from the command line. This behavior occurs with a fresh install as well as after applying all opensuse updates. I checked the logs under /var/log/YaST2, but there is nothing obvious. I’m not sure what to look for though. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

64-bit LEAP 42.3 with kernel 4.4.90-28-default
Dell Precision 3520 Mobile Workstation
Core i7-7820HQ
Intel Integrated graphics + Quadro M620 (nouveau driver)
Samsung 960 Pro NVMe

As reported in https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/527628-Problems-with-new-Hardware I got the same problem (except it is not a new installation). I hope this thread will get more answers then my original post.

I also have a similar problem as described by the OP:
( also reported by muech011 at https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/527628-Problems-with-new-Hardware )
( A similar problem and a work around disabling hwinfo call to video bios for an older version of OpenSUSE can be found here: https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2012-01/msg06654.html )

EDIT: I have now noticed that loading yast2 bootloader and clicking bootloader options also hangs.

  1. yast2 hardware probing freezes at “probing framebuffer device”

  2. hwinfo --framebuffer also freezes in terminal (using root or not)

  3. hwinfo --framebuffer produces “bios.4.2: mode info” and stops

  4. Maybe it is worth noting in my BIOS (UEFI) I can select whether I want the internal,pci slot 1 or pci slot 2 to be preferred.

  5. I have tried all the various BIOS options to no avail, and am considering an nvdia card in pci slot 2 as a solution
    ( as I will need pci slot 1 for a tesla card in a while)

  6. Running hwinfo on it’s own in terminal does not freeze.

  7. hwinfo --gfxcard also works fine.

My computer specifications:
OS: OpenSUSE 42.3
Processor: Intel i7 7700k
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z270-HD3P


UPDATE: using hwprobe=-bios.vesa as a kernal boot parameter allows hwinfo --framebuffer to run, but it poduces no output (as expected). So the problem seems to be with calling to the Intel graphics video BIOS.

Thanks for the response and I apologize for being slow in mine. I haven’t really found anything else helpful on this. It’s mostly an oddity and annoyance. I guess I’ll chalk it up to the newness of my hardware. My previous laptop had just turned three and everything was finally just working right with openSUSE, but it met an untimely end. I may try switching to Tumbleweed and see how it goes with the newer kernels and packages.