Certain installed applications are not showing up in the launcher

More specifically nvidia-settings, vlc and k3b. I can start them up via command prompt but they are not anywhere in the launcher. Even a search in the launcher doesn’t bring it up.

VLC and k3b was installed through packman and of course nvidia-settings was installed from the nvidia repo.

Desktop used???

If KDE right click launcher edit application and add.

Normally added auto-magically . So how did you install?

I will try to do it manually. Really annoying bug.

I installed it through Yast.

The first question ask, with a lot of ??? was:

Desktop used???

How do you think we can answer your questions when you do not give basic information about your working environment?

KDE of course.

It is a simple, default install of 42.2 as noted already

That is not an “of course”. And most people will not think of a KDE installation as a default case. Everybody chooses his/her DE (or more of them). And that on a radio button choice, there can (and must) only be one preselected, does not make it a default.

In any case, IMHO, when someone trying to help you asks you something, you either give him a decent answer, or tell him right away that you do not want him to help.

I would like help to fix this bug but Clementine and K3b are pretty obvious hints I thought, but noted.

Thanks, I will manually add all of the programs I install via yast on 42.2 running KDE from now on.

The last two posts seemed snippier than I intended, I apologize. Plus, I forgot to add clementine. Sorry, lack of sleep is my only excuse. Is there anything else besides manually adding them?

When I installed it I did remove those programs from being installed except clementine which isn’t automatically added during install, because the versions of VLC and K3B in the OSS repos are problematic. So I waited until I added the packman repo to install those. Of course, I had to wait to install the nvidia drivers as well.

First you said

It is a simple, default install of 42.2 as noted already

Now you say you added the Packman repository. :frowning:

Adding the Packman repository is not enough. You must use it. Which means in the first place that you do the “switch to Packman” after initial installation. And secondly that when you install new packages that are available on OSS as well as on Packman, you either install them from Packman, or repeat the switch after installation. And when in doubt, doing the switch again is not a bad idea.

I said I added it via packman in the very first post.

I will try to reinstall, but the packages are from packman.

Reinstalling the same way will be of no use. You will get then what you got.

The crucial question above was: did you do the “vendor switch to Packman”?
I can not promise you that that is the reason for your problem, but as long as you did not do that switch you will have a mix of multimedia packages from OSS and from Packman, which will not work in general.

E.g. using YaST > Software Management, then use from the View menu the Repositories view. Select Packman. At right you get a list of Packages. Above it is a text like: Switch system packages to … Click on the underlined part and continue.

Yes, I did do the switch to packman. I always do that.

They work fine, so obviously they are from packman since vlc and k3b are broken in the oss repos. They are just missing from the launcher.

OK, I have a Leap 42.2 testsystem here.

K3b seems to be installed from the system installation. I can not remember I added that later (and I did not use it on this system until now). But it is in the main menu under Multimedia. So first the question, why is not in your installation from the very beginning? Does the answer to this give more insight in the cause of your problem?

VLC was not installed (and thus not in the menu).
I installed it (from Packman). It immediately showed in the menu!

So I would say hat what you see is not typical (and when it was, there would be much more complaints here).

Hm, something to contemplate about…

It is not installed from the beginning because the versions in the OSS repos are worthless. Why install something that is broken on purpose?

Good for you that it worked, it didn’t for me, hence the post asking about it.

Do you have anything constructive to add? “Works for me” is trollish behavior and could be used as an “answer” to every question on this board.

I haven’t wasted much time on this install, I just reinstall and see if it works, if not I will upgrade to 42.1.

We scratch are heads they really should be added to the menu. But you can manually add if need be or you are installing from source etc. The RPM should add it. But with what we know now I can not even guess. No trolls intended just a really odd problem. :shame:

The k3b in the standard repos is by no means “broken” or “worthless”.
It even has ffmpeg support, only the mp3 decoder is missing.

Regarding the problem: I would suggest to delete ~/config/menus/ if it exists.
Maybe the menu structure is corrupted somehow?