Certain application menus light grey background white text

I used to run LEAP 42.1 and OpenSuSE (from 11 through 13.1) on Gnome. I installed Tumbleweed a few months ago and decided that because I wanted my spinning cube back I would go to KDE. But on certain applications (including terminal) the menus are appearing with a light grey background and white text making them virtually unusable. Not all apps, but some older ones. I’ve tried diferent themes and installing qt4 and qt5 config utilities no joy.


This includes Libreoffice and many others I used to use every day. Any idea how I can fix this?


since no one else has answered, i had trouble like this at first and cannot remember the specific solution, but starting from the most obvious in settings:
workspace theme: destop theme and look and feel should be the same (e.g. mine breeze dark)
application style: widget style, gnome style gtk2 and gtk 3, icon theme should also match
most important - go to colors - click on the theme your using and look at the preview.