Cell phone charge

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Hi, I want to know if there is any method to charge the Motorola KRZR
K1 using the USB cable, to do that on windoze it need a driver, anyone
know if there is a driver for linux?

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if no one with that phone drops in here in the next several weeks or
months i’d recommend you check at the Motorola web site…

or, even try this: http://tinyurl.com/yebl534


I have that phone and plug it into my computers, and PS3 all the time. Windows, opensuse, it has always worked without drivers, and thats not just for charging, I didn’t need a driver to share MP3’s either.


I should probrably add that I haven’t messed with MP3’s on linux though… I don’t usually utilize that w/ me cell.

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My phone when I pluged it to my openSUSE 11.1 (I don’t tried 11.2) seems
to charge but the battery meter say it has empty, even when it has been
connected more than 12 hours


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Stops working when you open a window.
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Thats really wierd, for me it charges, for real, and the battery level display also shows that its charging. Keep in mind that these phones have arep. for having issues, I know I got really lucky w/ mine becasue I got it when it first came out.

I’d check the website, and try your cahrger, make sure it doesn’t do the same thing w/ the charger too.


My son had one, charging worked on his PC, only on the rear USB connector, did not work on my server, both openSUSE 11.1 at the time. Try one of the motherboard’s own USB connectors.

There two general types of usb cable for charging phones. The general one supplied with most phones has an pin position which is not internally connected the after market one has this pin connected. The first of these usually will not charge through a USB port the other type can. The few I’ve seen that use a charge driver just sends a command to the phone to enable charging from the +5 pin.

ie: stock cable
pin 1 at phone = +5v connects to +5v at USB
pin 2 at phone = chrg
pin 3 at phone = gnd connects to gnd at USB
pin 4 at phone = d+ connects to d+ at USB
pin 5 at phone = d- connects to d- at USB
software sends command to phone to connect chrg from adapter plug to +5v

  after market cable
  Same except chrg is connected to +5v in connector.

** note that pin #'s i’ve shown vary greatly by model. Also some
models don’t have a chrg pin at all and should work fine. Some models have many extra pins like for modem doggle.

Maybe I just got really really lucky, its not impossible