Celebrating too: Post #5000

Thanks all, for being here as part of this community. For making me find a place where I feel I belong. A couple of lines from “Jayne’s Blue Wish” by Tom Waits:

Life is a path lit only by the light of those I’ve loved
By the light of those I love

A bit sentimental, yes.


Congrats and more power. Waiting for the next 5000 post from you. You are one of the most valuable contributor in this forum.

Ahhhh, you’re not geeky enough. You should celebrate post #1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, etc. rotfl!

PS: Congrats, and to many more posts from you. :good:

Congratulations, Knurpht; very well done. We may be celebrating numbers, but it’s the quality that counts. There is no meter for quality except for the rep points, but these let you shine as well.

I approve this message. ( + 1 lol! )

I hope ya get a screenshot of you on 5000 posts Knurpht, 1 post and ya can never take that picture again :smiley:

Wow! And I see you now have three balls, no ladies. Something tells me that this is also the shining future for vodoo!

Thank you Gertjan for being with us “en op naar de 10000.”


http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11099229/PostNumber5000.png :wink:

Magnificent work in the forum Gertjan
Keep it up
Well done!

Well done Knurpht. You are one of only 7 to pass that hurdle.

And also congrats to Cjcox, Spyhawk, voodoo and conram, recently passed 1000.

Here are some stats:
1000-2499 → 31
2500-4999 → 7
5000-9999 → 5
10000+ -----> 2

caf4926 = 23,277

Wow! Impressive lady missy! :smiley:

Well done Gertjan! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your valued contributions


and thanks for your help:)



If you had taken just a moment and followed my profile, you would see I’m a Dude :wink:

scribbles out lady missy crudely with a Bic Biro pen on his screen. Thinks he may have missed something… Continues browsing the net :smiley:

Yeah, dude, have you watched your own avatar lately? Missleading :wink: