Cedega + Warcraft 3 + regedit


I installed the Cedega 6 in the Opensuse 11.
After installed the Warcraft 3 and tried to play the game. The game works, but sometimes the image goes diferent. like just half the screen.
I´m thinking that the problem could be the widescreen (im playing on the notebook). So i wanna to edit on the regedit to work on 1280x800 instead of 800x600 or 1024x768. And this option 1280x800 does not exist. how can i edit this file??

When i change the screen resolution
the game came back to normal

So thanx anyway guys

just to ask i cant get anything to install on my openSUSE Linux. openSUSE not to long ago and i need help. i was wanting to play warcarft 3 really badly but i can not figure out how to install anything whatsoever help would be nice please.:’(

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Just type regedit in a console. For more wine commands see my sig