Cedega or Wine

Hi nebie here trying to make the switch to linux, but I dont know what would be better to install for my Windows games. Would Wine work better for my games or Cedega? Any help would be appreciated.:slight_smile:

I don’t know Cedega, but Wine is pretty popular and it has worked fine for me. I’m currently using it to play warcraft III the frozen throne or its variation called DoTa. It works very well. Wine has a database of apps that are known to work with wine. They list version of wine and distro. You might want to check that out: WineHQ - Wine Application Database

I know people have been able to install newer games like WoW or Guild Wars, Half-life 2.


On Linux, you have Wine which is free, then you have Cedega and Crossover Office which you have to pay for. Most people get away with using Wine, but if you really want power to run Windows Games and Applications on Linux, I would recommend Cedega and Crossover Office. I have used them all and highly recommend putting out the cash for Cedega and Crossover Office. They’re worth every cent.

Crossover Games works well too, especially with Steam. I’ve found that Crossover Games/Office, combined with wine, is a great combination. I keep saying I’m going to try Cedega but I never do.

I use cedega to play warcraft 3 TFT, but I’m pretty new to linux. I’ve tried to get warcraft 3 playing on wine but the new patch released a couple weeks ago (bnet 2.0) made wine not really work, for me anyways. I’ll try to get wine to work with warcraft 3 again.

But my recommendation would be to try both. Most threads i’ve read say that wine is a lot better than cedega, if you know how. But Cedega is easier to use and better at playing specific games.

Hope this helps

i don’t wanna hijack this thread or so. But i was wondering if running vista on virtual box in opensuse linux, would work really well with game or just as efficient as running vista by itself?

In short No.
You will not have much joy with games in Virtual Box, at least not the ones referred to in this thread.

OK, it depends on the games you want to play. first if you have demanding games that require higher graphics and more ram than i would suggest cedega it has a few of the more graphical games, if you are running the lower end games such as rainbow six then wine will work i have all of the tom clancy rainbow six running wine and i have no problems at all.

i have falcon 4.0 flight simulator and i have to have cedega to run my flight controls. they both have pro’s and con’s experiment and find what one works best for the different games. that way you do not give up performance in your games.