cedega not working to install windows games!!!! help!!!!!

hello mates

i tried to install a EA game

i tried to install it through wine but it says" directx9 or greater is required to install"

so i tried cedega

but then also it says me to install directx 9

so i tried to install directx 9 through wine

still the same problem

directx cant be installed and it shows some error

dont know exactly what it is

can any one help me to install the game as well as directx9


any one is there ?

any way i got directx and the game installed by copying mscoree.dll in .wine system32 folder

but the problem now is when is start the game

the only thing i will be able to see a wine 800*600 window showing a black screen

after a few seconds the windows screen turns into blue colour and disappears

what shud i do

thank you