CDparanoia version in KDE

I have found it impossible to get KAudioCreator to work in OpenSuse 11.1 with KDE4.2.1 and but have found Grub to work OK but still a few problems ensuring that it uses the correct generic SCSI device. This didn’t work at all in Kaudiocreator but the /dev/sg<n> approach, I am told, went out with the brown ball when SG_IO was introduced. It appears this is not working.

I believe both rippers use cdparanoia to do the ripping but the version installed in KDE seems to be 9.4 which is the one on the Packman repo site as far as I can see.

CDparanoia 10.2 is available from Xiph. How can I install this so that grip and KAudiocreator use the later version please?


Further investigation suggests that Kaudiocreator uses gstreamer not cdparanoia. Whatever, it is broken.

Grip however gives one the choice of using cdparanoia either integrated into Grip or not and if not uses the cdparanoia executable in /usr/bin. The version here is the same as that integrated into Grip but I have downloaded cdparanoia 10.2 from Xiph site and extracted it. It is a single exectuable file but how do I go about installing it please?


I am not completely familiar with the apps you are using, but if all is as you say, I think the only “installation” you’d have to do is “sudo mv” the binary to /usr/bin. Or you could cd to /usr/bin and then extract the binary from that directory. Same either way.

Many thanks. Also had to rename the executable to simplify it, chmod 755 and chown root:root but I think thats about it. Will try it tomorrow when I am on relevant machine.

Thanks again.