Cdemu-daemon refuses to load. Has anyone managed to make it work?

I remember back when I was on Solus, cdemu and the gtk client gcdemu “Just Worked” after installing and in OpenSUSE it’s missing a couple of files as per this forum entry from 10 years ago:
and it refuses to load even after creating those files and making sure my user id part of the users group.
Any advice is appreciated.


zypper se -si cdemu

S | Name | Type | Version | Arch | Repository
i+ | cdemu-client | package | 3.2.5-1.7 | noarch | Main Repository (OSS)
i+ | cdemu-daemon | package | 3.2.6-1.14 | x86_64 | Main Repository (OSS)
i+ | gcdemu | package | 3.2.6-1.3 | noarch | Main Repository (OSS)
i | gcdemu-lang | package | 3.2.6-1.3 | noarch | Main Repository (OSS)


Not installed

So apparently this is a distribution and packaging error, I’ll open a new post about it.

@lavadrop do you need the *-lang file, these are all suggests, not recommended…

@malcolmlewis No, it makes no difference as it is just the translation of the text to other languages. What’s missing is the udev files to access the control device.

@lavadrop and vhba-kmp-default is installed, you created the udev file? You ran the command (as your user) groups to check your in the users group?

Yes I am in the users group but I am also missing another udev file I don’t know the contents of.