CDDB Editor in OSS 11.3?

I have this little manual, cddbretrieval.pdf, that discusses how to submit CDDB info using the editor. I know what it’s talking about with the 2 tabs in CDDB retrieval system settings, but when it talks about the CDDB editor, I have no idea where to find it. How can I submit my info about a CD?

P.S. According to Yast, I already have:

"libkcddb4 - KDE CDDB Library

A library for retrieving and sending cddb information"

Thanks in advance!

So normally the CDDB editor would refer to a audio CD you placed in a drive and which did not find a match to the CD songs/artist. You then do a manual edit of the songs and CD title at which point you can opt to upload that information to what ever site you are using for retrieval of said information. This is at least how I understand that it works. If every CD you put in the drive is found, you would not normally be editing it, but it would be a function normally of a song ripping program, but might also exist with just a player.

For what it is worth, my favorite CD ripper program is Asunder. You should check it out if you have never heard of it.

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