Cd tray

This is probably more of a software issue than hardware but almost everything I post goes into software so…, and now for something completely different.

Whenever I use the eject item in Dolphin the tray opens and then immediately closes again but if I push the button on the drive itself it just opens and sits there the way it should. Does anybody know why it’s doing this and how to make it just open and not close again?

To get straight to the point, the behavior your speak off, has been posted as a bug. Further, and oddly, depending on the version of KDE, some people can’t get the CD tray button to work at all. You did not mention your KDE or openSUSE versions, but actually, these do make a difference. If you would like to read through a conflicting story on the subject, have a look at the following thread.

Linux locks the optical drive. How to avoid this, and just remove it like in Windows!!!

You need to look at all of the messages, some are not helpful, others funny while others provide some insight to the basic problem. But, the typical message grouping I would say here and some good reading overall.

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11.4 and 4.6

I did see that thread you linked right after posting this one.