CD-RW/DVD ROM drive won't boot DVD's

I am trying to install from a DVD and it will not boot. Ultimately I want to install Slackware, but my openSUSE 11.1 DVD won’t boot either. The 11.1 disc may be bad, because it won’t boot on my Acer desktop either. Which it has before. I’m trying to re-install the root partition on there.

The Slackware DVD is good because it did boot on my Acer. It won’t boot on my laptop, though. I tried going to the IBM website and burning a CD to upgrade my firmware. That CD wouldn’t boot either, and that’s the first that hasn’t.

My laptop is an IBM ThinkPad R40. If you would like the entire hardware information text file generated by SuSE, here you go:
Have fun with THAT.

P.S. I am currently running openSUSE 10.3

And you are burning the dvd’s on a different machine but what OS is it using and what software?
Have you done md5sum check on the finished dvd’s?
Can you read any content on the dvd in a file browser?

Actually no, it didn’t even mount the drive when I inserted the DVD. :-\ Well I burnt the Slackware DVD with Roxio on my stepfather’s computer, which is running XP. I burnt the firmware upgrade CD on my grandfather’s computer, on my SuSE partition. I used Brasero.

The CD had no MD5 checksum, and I did not check the DVD. The DVD booted fine in my Acer, though. So it should boot fine on my laptop. I can only think that there is an issue with the drive or the BIOS. Although it wouldn’t be the BIOS if the disc isn’t even detected after loading the OS, would it? I’m considering doing a network install, if that’s possible with Slackware. I haven’t looked into it yet.

P.S. It does not detect the firmware upgrade disc either. I can’t try the SuSE 11.1 disc because it isn’t with me.

If it’s not picking anything up at BIOS level - ask yourself. Am I sure I have the cd as first boot device.
All you said is: It won’t boot. What about what actually happens?

If the Acer boots the dvd, you can run the media check from the menu.

Although it wouldn’t be the BIOS if the disc isn’t even detected after loading the OS, would it?
If you can’t read the contents of the dvd from a file browser (But can read other cd’s or dvd’s) I would consider the disc as scrap.

Well, I installed SuSE 10.3 from a CD, so yeah. It’s the first boot device. :stuck_out_tongue: I did check it beforehand, too. The DVD isn’t junk because it did boot correctly in my Acer. I’m thinking it has something to do with the disc drive.

What happened before is that it would say operating system not found. Because it was a clean drive. Now if I were to try and boot from it, I’m pretty sure it would just go straight to boot from hard drive, even though I have the disc drive first. Because it just doesn’t detect it. Maybe it’s an older drive that can’t read the kinds of discs I’m putting in. Which would mean a firmware update is a viable solution. Yes?

Is the a dvd-
or dvd+

might be best with dvd-

It’s a Memorex DVD+R. We get CD’s with - and DVD’s with a +. Isn’t that the safe approach?

It’s ages since I read up on this, have read here
DVD+R - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia