CD-ROMs no longer automounting in 11.3

When I insert a CD, the system no longer offers to automount it and CDs no longer show up in the list of disks on the left side of Dolphin windows. USB keys still work properly and I can still manually mount CDs through the command line? Was there some tweak to the HAL rules that disabled CD/DVD automounting and is there any way to fix this?

Mm… i only can say this. If i insert a DVD it will be mounted and can be accessed. What did not work was harddrives for me. You should check the Programs > Configure Desktop > TAB Advance > Removable Devices.

I just discovered something else. DVDs (both pressed and burned) seem to work properly. Pressed CDs also work correctly it’s literally just CD-Rs that I seem to need to manually mount. Might that be any help to anyone?