cd-rom audio problem, suse 11.1

I just installed suse 11.1 on my brothers computer and I cannot get audio cds to play. I can play dvds, read data, I even installed windows on virtualbox but if I put in an audio cd it does not recognize it or do anything. I have tried 3 different drives and am not sure what is going on. I am running suse 11 on my laptop and it has no problem playing any of the disks I tried. any ideas?

Is this kde4?

If you use k3b does it see the music cd to rip it?

yes its kde4 and in k3b it just says to insert a disk to rip, so it is not seeing it either.

There is a bug in openSUSE-11.1 with permissions and one’s cd/dvd drive. Whether this is the explanation for the bad symptoms that you are experiencing, I don’t know. But in case it is, you could try adding your regular user go group “disk” and group “cdrom” (as a work around), then restart, and see if that helps.

This can be done by:

YAST >> Security and Users >> User Management >> “select your user” >> Edit >> Details >> Groups >> check “cdrom” and “disk” and then click on “ACCEPT”. Don’t forget after exiting YaST, you need to restart.

If that does not work, there are more suggestions here to work around this temporary problem Solved : K3b Problem with Normal User on openSUSE 11.1 | Spirit of Change

adding users to group ‘disk’ and group ‘cdrom’

{ditto} Lee

Only you did say you were able to play dvd’s. Umm…

Try as ‘oldcpu’ suggests - if you haven’t already.

Thanks everyone adding disk and cdrom fixed it.

I am a Suser 11.1 user. I have it installed on a hp g60, and I use the lastest kde. Adding “disk” and “cdrom” to my user doesn’t help me to play cd’s on my system. I can’t even play them when I log on as root, so it is definitely not a permissions problem.
I have tried almost all the threads for this subject, but apparently no one knows the real solution for this problem. Playing a cd on a computer shouldn’t be a hacker’s business, I am sure there has to be a simple answer to this.
Can anybody help me out?? I would appreciate it. :slight_smile:

It’s no longer necessary to alter the disk / cdrom group. This has been fixed by updates.

You can’t play cd’s? Do you mean music cd’s?
What about dvd’s and data disks?

yeah, if you added cdrom and disk to users additional groups, then go back in and untick them and, save or okay, and reboot. If you’ve done the most recent updates and patches (it is now late March) you don’t need these temporary workarounds.

I couldn’t get sound to play in Amarok today, first time trying it out in this repo. Bear with me as I am new to openSUSE, too (11.1, KDE4, 64 bit).

To get digital playback with KsCD I did the following:KsCD won’t play CDs in SATA drive - openSUSE Forums
but this was more or less specific for my sound card. But adding the phonon-backend-zine enabled me to listen to cd’s via KsCD with digital playback. Though, KsCD’s “eject” now does not work, but I can eject manually.

To get music to play with Amarok 1.4.10v I did a search and came across this interesting read at, thegreek(femaledog)blog, well, you can altavista it “When Amarok doesn’t play audio CDs” and you’ll find the page. Can’t post it here.
and used package manager>remove yauap+amarok-yauap and then installed amarok-xine. I inserted a music cd, it loaded the playlist and now I am enjoying listening to music via amarok. I did this using zypper, the terminal-based package manager.

This fellow, Mr. White had an eye-opening thing to say about why audio cd’s are not mounted, and especially so in KDE4, tip: Audio CD notification with KDE4 | Mandriva Forum don’t worry if Dolphin doesn’t mount this type of disk. As long as you can play them with the various audio players, you are set to go.
If yours is a hardware sound card problem, then there are many posts by oldcpu on testing your sound card.

I had such problems too. 10x for support…