CD or DVD photo album needed ..


since quite a while I search now for a method to archive and view fotos. Ok I am not the first, I guess :-))

But focussing on what I what I did not find an answer though I think that this is not too strange to look for:

I want to:

  1. store my pictures, mostly jpeg, as they are on a dvd
  2. display these pictures on a standard dvd player

Well thats all, I like to store the pictures as they are so that this is a kind of (additional) archiv.

I do not want to convert to mpeg streams since I can not use single fotos out of this and also the stream has less quality.

Unfortunately not all dvd player can even display the pure data on a dvd.

Beside this it would be nice if there would be a kind of chaptering so that the pictures can be grouped.

I hope that one the experts on this list have a sloution on this I was not sucessfull with my search.

Thanks a lot