CD/DVD drive not responding SUSE11 KD4

Hi I’m spending frustrating hours here attempting to get a dvd player installed now Ive done everything wrong and ended up deleting applications while trying to remove files from videoLAN repo which I later read were undesirable, now I want to start afresh and reinstall the OS but alas it now appears that the dvd drive is just is not detected and I dont know how to mount it again I also dont seem to have the cd/dvd module in yast so I have got to the end of my rope :\
Can any one help or point me to a how to or something.

Is this openSUSE-11 or 11.1 that you are encountering this problem? it was working sort of then I must have messed it up

I want to start afresh and reinstall the OS but alas it now appears that the dvd drive is just is not detected

So are you saying, you are trying to boot with the DVD? But it is not working?

yes thats right I changed the boot on the bios to cdrom but nothing happens

I’ve had that happen with an old cd/dvd that I burned some time back and was no longer bootable on the PC in which it was burned. I’ve also had it happen with a cd/dvd burned on a different PC, where there is a big age differenced between the PCs cd/dvd burners.

But you can still boot in to your OS - Yes?

Maybe you should just re-consider if you need to do a fresh install or Not? What exactly to you think you have deleted that can’t be fixed.

So your saying it just the dvd not the drive? I need a new one then I just got it to read another dvd but then it wouldn’t eject until I loggged in as root and typed eject in command line

If your drive is reading DVD’s then it sounds OK. FYI: you should use sudo rather than login to root.

Can you browse the Suse DVD from the file browser?

Try burning a new DVD if the one you have is readable -
k3b might copy it
you can I think run a media check from within Yast too, to make sure that old DVD is ok

i was trying to remove videolan files and then it sarted deleting konsole dophin, kde walle, kontact, etc and I have reloded some of those but the desktop has lost the icons for these applc’s and has “object couldn’t be created” messages in the kicker bar and widget area and I still aren’t rid of those video lan files that I want gone so I can get a video player that works from packman.

No I can’t read DVD in dophin but I can read others so I guess i’m up for a new copy but any idea why i have to eject in command line ?

You should be able to fix this via Yast or zypper.

In Yast - Software - Software Management
check to install kde3base and desktop

when done
and at the login screen select kde3
ans login

Hopefully this will give you a better working desktop. And now we can work on the other issues.

DVD eject - Is this a Laptop or Box

But are you sure the drive is not busy?

KDE3 install help
To ADD KDE3 via Yast-Software Management -Patterns - Post In - openSUSE Forums

This is help for getting your multi-media
Yast - Software Management -Update All_HowTo - openSUSE Forums

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

thanks carl attempting to implement your suggestions.

my machine is a box sometimes the drive doesnt seem busy but I can’t eject using the button in front?

Perhaps new desktop will fix this.

you said install kde3 base and desktop

I have dwlded kdebase3 which is the desktop or are they one in the same what about kdebase3 - session is this something I need

Follow the guide I gave you
To ADD KDE3 via Yast-Software Management -Patterns - Post In - openSUSE Forums

download and watch the video I posted

Yast - Software Management
check to add:
kde3 desktop