CD/DVD cover creator


I can not find kover or koverartist after I went to 11.2, I used to use one or the other from time to time. Are there any similar easy cover creation tools available pre-packed for OpenSuSE 11.2?


I used webpin and found this: Webpin

As an aside note, I use gimp to print CD labels on my CDs, via my HP Photosmart Premium C309a (over our internal LAN). … of course “labels” are not the same as “covers”.

Nice, had not tried the webpin search. Gimp is alright, but for some fast creation of covers Gimp is to slow for me. I’m not that good with Gimp either.


Hello F_Sauce,

You can also take a look at Inkscape.
Inkscape has templates for CD/DVD covers.

And if you want you can download CD/DVD cover templates for openOffice.Org from here.

Good luck!:wink:

Ok, thanks for the tip!

OpenOffice also has templates available on their website.