CD / DVD Burning - what is considered the best software ?

Perhaps I did not frame my search the right way, but I did not find a recent discussion comparing various disc burning software.

I do not care about speed and prefer to burn slower because accuracy is all-important.

My current installation is 13.2 with KDE. The debault, already installed, is K3B but I was wondering if there is a better alternative out there.

Simplicity is preferable in general, but I like to use CDs and DVDs for data and entertainment.

Well there are several GUI’s but the GUIs all rely on command line programs which of course can also just be run from the command line. Best to just look in yast -software management. search for burn or dvd or cd. Always have found k3b to work well, but there are all sorts of specialty programs for special purpose. To be honest I’ve been getting away from DVD/CD and moving more to USB sticks for personal storage.

Even hardened Gnome enthusiasts will install k3b

Allways used k3b.

Why? Well, it was there on KDE and it did the job and when somthing “works” I do not spoil time in searching for alternatives.

This is why I seek the opinions of people who might know better than me.

It appears that K3b is the easy choice.

and a good one at that.

I prefer K3b, use it all the time.

I have never had any problems with it.

I use k3b too, since years. There is/was however an issue with the backend, wodim, when recording files larger than 2GB. I ended up changing to the original cdrtools from schily.

Since upgrading to 13.2 KDE 64bits I’m using k3b from packman and cdrtools from the multimedia repo. Although wodim is installed the cdrkit-compat package that provide the translation links is not, so AFAICT wodim is not used.

Forgot to mention: I haven’t used bluray yet, only single and double-layer DVD-/+R.

I haven’t burned a disk in ages (I usually use cloud services or usb’s for data transfer/storage)
when I did burn I preferred k3b and I’ve tried a few of them including gnome’s brasero and xcd-roast.
I remember a few years ago trying nero-linux, it was an interesting application burned a few disks with it without any issues, but it was a closed app and it was dropped almost as soon as it came out, it hasn’t been updated in years.
I remember there wore some issues when k3b was moving from qt3 to qt4 but I never had any problems with it.

To summirise (was ranting in the above post)
I’ve used a few burning apps on Linux prefer k3b, it’s feature rich, reliable and user friendly.

I like K3b and I had been using it since ever, however it can’t burn my Blu-ray ISO images for me so I had to look for an alternative. I’ve found Nero for Linux 4.0 to be a pleasant surprise, tough it’s not free (in any sense). :slight_smile: