CD Drive :(

Okay I’ve had Suse 10.3 since late September and have no problems with my CD drive until about December. Now I’m not saying Suse caused this at all. Anyways, my problem I’m having is that one day in december I went to put in a disk in my cd drive to get some pictures off it of a vacation I had a few months back. I noticed it wasn’t reading and wondered if it was the CD. I put in a brand new in the package cd in the tray and it still did not show up. I had a few working CD drives laying around so I popped those in and all three of them did not work. I really don’t know whats wrong but I need my CD drive working for my everyday life and for my job! (I’ve had to do all my I need on CD’s at work).

If anyone could help me through this I would be more than grateful.
(P.S. I do have a good knowledge of computers so you wont have to tally baby me through this.)

Thanks again.

First run hwinfo in a console to see if SuSE is recognising the CD and what it says about it.

Post the relevant part of the result and someone with more experience than me may be able to interpret it.