CD Drive


I have a cd drive and a dvd drive in my computer, two seperate drives. Is there a way to disable the CD drive only in openSUSE 11.2, i only want to be able to access the DVD drive?

Thanks in advance,

Open the DVD drive - place in media
No disconnecting or strange requirements required.

Or are you actually implying that only the CD Drive works when both are connected.

No, they both work fine, but when i go to install updates from DVD, it will take it a while to find the DVD because it checks the CD drive first.

I always disable the DVD repo in my repo list
Are you on some kind of sloppy internet that you leave the dvd ON?

Yeah, my internet under openSUSE is slow. It doesn’t make sense to me though, on Ubuntu and Windows it runs as fast as any other computer in my house.

You can change which comes first in the bios by making the dvd first and cd is next.

I only need in openSUSE.