CD Drive Stops Working

I have 2 DVD burners, both on my second IDE channel. When I boot, they work fine. After my system has been on for a while, neither will mount. Nautilus gives me the error “Unable to mount location Can’t mount file”. Trying to manually mount the disc at a terminal just hangs and locks up the terminal, it won’t even respond to Ctrl+C. I’ve tried restarting haldaemon, but that didn’t fix it. There is nothing in dmesg. I did successfully install from one of these drives.

Do you have a sata hard drive? This sound like my problem. The only way I know of to fix this is install opensuse with the boot option of hwprobe=-modules.pata
If there is a way to fix this after install, I don’t know. Hope this helps.


I think I might have the same problem, see this post:
openSUSE 11.0 does not detect my DVD drives - openSUSE Forums

Going to reinstall this evening or tomorrow… if it works, reinstalling will have been worth it. Of course if there is a method to do it without reinstall?

Oddly enough, one of mine is a Toshiba/Samsung and the other is a NEC. I pulled both of them out and tested them on my MacBook with a USB-to-IDE adaptor. The Toshiba/Samsung (which was configured as master) wouldn’t show up in System Profiler or Disk Utility; so, I figured it was the problem. I reconnected my NEC drive, reconfigured as master, and it works perfectly. It must have been a hardware problem, not a problem with openSUSE. Unfortunately, that was my 16x burner. My NEC is only 4x. :frowning: