CD burners

And for my second question…I have 2 CD burners in this machine. If I were to press the button, all that will happen is, I will hear a small noise from the motor, the light will flash a couple of times and then nothing will happen. That tray will not open. I have actually used that pin hole on the units a time or two. If I leave a blank CD in the tray (that is my present cheat) then the units will open on the 1st push of button. I can actually say that I don’t believe that it is a hardware issue. I have had both of those units in other machines that are running the other operating system, (the costly one), the units operate as they should. I am only curious if there is a fix. I have lived with these units behaving in this manner for years now. I am not going to cry if there is no fix. I am only curious if there is a fix.

The eject command on the device?

eject /dev/cdrom
eject /dev/sr0
eject --help ;)

By contrast, I do suspect a hardware problem.

I have run into a similar problem. I used to leave a CD in the device, so that it would open. It may also depend on whether the device is oriented horizontally or vertically.

Yes, it is possible that the power supply is not supplying enough power to operate it. But a power supply problem is also a hardware issue.

The 1st code will only operate 1 of my burners. It wont even think about the other. Well we tried…

I will venture to say that I have run openSuse for more than 10 years, it might be a few more than that. And I am on my second motherboard and second power supply. The problem has been there all this time. But like I said, I will not cry or loose any sleep over this little issue.

Check the output from lsblk, likely /dev/cdrom1 or /dev/sr1

It’s funny but not funny at the same time. You have given me 2 codes that will work with both of my burners, but only if I have a blank CD in both units. All I can say is, there is an issue. It is over my head most likely…

Then check the --help :wink: maybe it needs a -a or a -T experiment, there is also a -r option.

I tend to renew my CD/DVD drives about every 8 years – they tend to reliably fail in around that lifetime …

I’ve been using a PC since they were steam powered. Last month, I had a CD/DVD drive fail for the first time ever. I won’t mention names so as not to advertise a company. but I went to a big-box type computer store and bought a new drive for $15. It works perfectly well and $15 was worth getting rid of the aggravation.