CD Browsing

when i insert an audio Cd into my Opensuse 11 setup I cannot browse - I can only play or rip.

This maybe sounds not a problem, but the Cd also contains datafiles including pre-ripped recordings in mp3 and ogg (from the record label!).
My other machines can all browse audio CDs, why not Opensuse 11?


In gnome and kde3 you should get a box giving options for Play, Rip and so on including to view in a file browser (eg:konqueror)
In kde4 you should be able to navigate to the cd in the tree - it will be mounted in /media and may be in Places too.

I wouldn’t worry about that. With the advent of new DRM chips (already shipping with some Mac models) you won’t even be able to play or rip – you’ll only be able to sit back and admire the CD case and the leaflet.

P.S. Until some smartass prohibits that too. Here’s to Liberty!

Yes, I agree. There are the play/rip options in the box - but no browse. I cant even find it mounted in media or mnt
Peculiar because ripping with grip works fine.
It’s as if the system decided it’s an audio CD and so there is no need for browse.

The same disc is browsable in ubuntu…

Is the cd/dvd drive SATA?

or older PATA/IDE
(if this is the case, is it on it’s own cable or does it share with another drive?)

It’s an internal drive. I think it’s Parallel/ IDE
I don’d think it’s a hardware issue because everything else works fine with it…

Audio CDs are obviously not data CDs and cannot be mounted in the conventional way. What you see at the rip menu is the most you can expect from “browsing”. Even the song info is not on the audio CD and has to be provided from an external source.

If the CD is a mixed CD, then you can mount the data track. There may be some additional work need to make this happen. The one time I made a mixed CD, I think the data track was the last and the audio tracks before it so there was no problem with the OS seeing the data track. But your mixed CD may have been mastered with a different order.

A good point of clarification this ken_yap. It’s probably not a good practice to put data files onto a audio cd. I have never actually even tried it myself. I’m guessing they would have to be in a separate folder? I wonder if you can access it from a terminal and cd to the device?

I believe it’s perfectly standard conforming, the format of a mixed CD, I think it’s called CD Extra in the ISO documentation. You end up with a CD that can be played in a CD player and also can be read in a computer CDROM drive. It can be created using genisoimage, have a look at the -C option. The entire data portion occupies one track, and the songs each take up one track as usual.

Only thing is, IIRC you have to use the session=x option in the mount command because the data no longer starts at the beginning of the disk. I don’t think automounters know how to do this, so you might have to do the mount manually.

Yes this all sounds extremely true
However Ubuntu can cope ok with this, so what is the problem for opensuse?
I’d prefer not to have to use the command line every time although I’d be happy to a little one-off cli stuff to sort it out

Perhaps you can post a bug report or enhancement request for the automounting software that you are using in OpenSUSE. Perhaps they can go grab the trick from Ubuntu’s implementation; this is open source after all.