Cd audio to harddisk

Dear all,
I am having an audio disk that it seems that the cd player is having problem reading it.
I would like to know if there is any application in linux that can read it bit by bit and save it to hard disk. That way it might be recoverable.
Not sure but for the dvd movies (in windows) I am using dvd decrypter and through that program,
I have recovered many dvd that could not be played in my conventional dvd-player


If you have a bad Audio CD or a Audio CD Player hardware issue, no program is really going to help. Try your best to clean the Audio CD with isopropyl alcohol (see image right below) or similar disk cleaner and use a compressed can of Duster Spray (see image left below) to blast out any dirt from your player. On desktop PC’s, dirt buildup can be amazing due to the cooling fans drawing air into the case all of the time and pulling in dust at the same time. For creating MP3’s and other such media files, try using Asunder, included in the Packman repository I have had good luck with that application and audio CD’s.

YaST / Software / Software Management and search on asunder, must have added Packman as a repository …

By the way, if you have more than one DVD/CD player, only one will be called /dev/cdrom and trying to use anything else can be problematic in older CD player programs. I have an old article on the subject you can find here:

Multimedia Optical Drive Naming (ie /dev/dvd & /dev/cdrom) How To in openSUSE

The following GENERIC products are suggested in this message, use ANY product brand that you wish …

  1. Duster Spray <----------------> 2) Isopropyl Alcohol

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