CD and DVD Labels for openSuSE 12.3

As scheduled, here you go - the latest batch of labels for 12.3!


Vintage PCs and more

Per usual you can click the image for a high-res 600dpi version (be careful, 8MB files!!)

Great work as usual and your efforts are greatly appreciated here in the openSUSE forums!

Thank You,


I Thank You very much for these, I look forward to & use them every new version. I wish you continued success on all your ventures!:slight_smile:

Why do we have the label “oxychip” on the label ? Any meaning behind it?

It’s from the KDE oxygen icon set. :wink:

Never noticed that one probably because i use GNOME

As with every release thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Always glad to hear it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Looks good - well done :good: