Cautiously Moving towards installation

I installed Suse 11.1 64bit 4 days ago. Repository glitch over the weekend was a little exciting :wink:
I can surf the web, use Open Office and print, mouse and keyboard are fine, Speakers work - not all 5 - but that’s a project for later, as is the Video drivers for my card.
I use a Pinnacle USB TV input to watch and record TV in the Windows environment. I want to do that using SUSE.
I found two “driver” files for the Pinnacle on the site, and put them in the the /lib/firmware directory.
The PACKMAN repository has 3 “Versions” of MYTH TV so before I start on a path that might lead to failure.
I can’t “tell” from the name if the 2 hardware drivers are 32bit - which I assume PACKMAN refers to as i586 or x86_64.
Given the small number of downloads that PACKMAN shows for MYTH I doubt that one of you fine folks has done this.
My questions:
Is there a way to find out the driver compatibility?
Would it be more prudent to start over with a 32 bit SUSE install and proceed?

Thanks for your time.

You could check here
HCL/TV Cards - openSUSE

_64 bit should be fine

Since you have 64 bit installed, you would generally want to install the x86_64 files.

This is where you need to go: - Television with Linux

Browse the wiki and see how you can get your card working. After that there’s no real need for heavy things like Myth. Once discovered and configured Kaffeine can do digital TV.

Thanks for the replies - I may return and follow a differant path.
I have just now pressed the 1click install on the packman 64 bit - which re-freshed the list and software was updated 6 hours ago and I’m the first to download it. This is going to be FUN!!!

No real progress to report.
Myth TV 1 click install “probably” worked, I can’t tell because I have yet to find the step by step instructions for what I have to do (either before or durring) running the SETUP program. Google searches yield results from other Linux’s from several years ago. Sigh.
Selecting and ‘running’ my TV card -which does show up in the Hardware section of control panel, yields "no grabber device available’
Myth set up prompts me for my language and then displays - No UPnP backends. Which I assume would have been done by the 1Click install.
Output from hwinfo +all does show my USB cable device.
It “feels” like I’m close - sort of like being able to see those treats in the window of the bakery, that I don’t have the time or the money to get. - that’s how it feels.
Thanks for any assistance or recomendations.
P.S. I looked at the Kaffene description from the repository listing - while I believe the poster who recomended it - it makes no mention of TV.

Grab this and read it

Thanks for the link. I’m not interested in a stand alone box to connect to a TV.
I appreicate your response.
I noticed that the PACKMAN repository for MYTH has been updated - the previous updates had been available for weeks, then a new set arrived and less than 24 hours later a few of them have been updated. I’m hoping that once I finish using YAST - Software Updates that I’ll be able to make some more progress.