Caught phonon playing with the sound configuration before the volume control disappeared

After bringing up the KDE desktop, I noticed that I could NOT play anything under Amarok again. I ran the “speaker-test” command successfully so that eliminated that as the problem. Then when I clicked on a wav file to test play it, a message popped up that said “phonon was switching sound cards” and then the message disappeared before I could fully examine it.

Next the volume control icon disappeared from the system tray. Gone without a trace.

How do I get some type of control over Phonon?

There are 2 sound cards in the system, the first, snd-card0, is Bose USB audio, then second is the onboard MCP61 intel HDA audio.

Are there any monitoring programs or gui programs regarding Phonon so a user can see what is going on?

Some more information:
When I attempt to remove phonon or libphonon4 from the system, yast complains and says 100’s of dependencies will be broken. It appears that phonon is intended to be embedded into openSUSE 11.3 permanently? An attempt to remove phonon is vigorously rebuffed and I really don’t want to fix scores of libraries and hundreds of files in an attempt to cleanly remove phonon.

Before we unleash new software into the system, can we not get some documentation?

I need some way to get control on the sound card selections and I need to figure out why the volume control icon disappeared from the system tray.

System Settings> Hardware> multi-media> Phonon

And set your primary card in Yast>hardware>sound

I’ve used the Yast>hardware>sound several times, so as to set the Bose USB at first priority.

When you say System Settings>Hardware>multi-media>Phonon, do you mean “Personal Settings (Configure Desktop)” → Multimedia icon? (underneath the Computer Administration section (bottom)

If so, I do NOT have phonon showing up anywhere.

Furthermore, to add to my discouragement, when I mount an audio CD in the DVD RW device, the notifier sees it, but gives you scant few seconds to try and figure out what to do before it disappears (and does NOT store this event in the log, btw, so you cannot get back to it) and then you are left with nothing. I can see the audio CD underneath Kinfo, but cannot even manually mount it as root.

So I am left with a 0 content notification log, no ability to control phonon, cannot remove it from the system without breaking hundreds (788 is what Yast2 said) of dependencies, and no ability to play audio CDs

Sorry but I expected more from openSUSE 11.3

I confess I can not understand your explanation here … apologies …

I think maybe things have changed from the way you were used to doing things, and you are still trying the old/hardway, while its more automated now (and possibly easier once one realizes the old way is no longer the current way) ?

I don’t have 11.3 KDE4 up and running right now (that PC is switched OFF), but I do have 11.3 LXDE up and running this instance in time (where LXDE is a minimal desktop). I confess not having tried an audio cd yet on this desktop, so a few minutes ago I put one in on my rather ancient PC running LXDE on 11.3 (this is an athlon-1100 with a nVidia FX5200 graphics). After a dozen seconds or so of the drive CD drive spinning I obtained a popup dialog box giving me a choice of VLC or Brasero. I’ve never tried Brasero, but I like VLC and I have the Packman packaged version of it installed, so I selected that. It came up, but the audio did not initially play. When I pressed the play button I had a VLC popup , where I could select audio CD. I selected that and the audio played from the audio CD.

This is a pretty minimal desktop, and audio cd play back works. I confess I would be surprised if a more advanced/feature full desktop like KDE4 does not work on 11.3.

Could it be you just don’t have the appropriate application(s) installed ?

Turns out Brasero is a CD burning program and not applicable to playing audio CDs. Still, I note vlc worked.

I closed vlc, and launched smplayer, and played the audio CD with smplayer (again a packman packaged version) so there are multiple audio CD playing options.

I closed smplayer and then launched xine (with xine/xine-ui being packman packaged versions). The audio CD played.

Ok, I flashed up my 11.3 KDE4 PC just to test this. Its a stock install. Nothing special added, EXCEPT for a bunch of Packman packaged multimedia apps (and I mean a bunch).

I put in the audio cd. It worked.

Details : Yes, like your experience, the notifier identified an audio cd being inserted. I waited 20 seconds (timed on my watch) and the notification stayed up. So I moved the cursor over the notification and as soon as I did it disappeared. That brought a smile, as I had more or less reproduced your experience. But in KDE4 if you look on the bottom right, there is an icon one can click on that will bring the notification back. I clicked on that, and I had a choice of vlc, kaffeine or amarok to play the audio cd. I also had k3b options to rip the cd to the hard drive or make a backup copy.

I selected kaffeine to play the audio cd as I know kaffeine on KDE4 gets a bad rap from many KDE3 fans. Well, it just played. What can I say ? This PC is a 32-bit athlon-2800 with a PCI (not PCI-e) nVidia 8400GS graphics.