Catalyst 10.8 issues with Mobility Radeon HD 2400 XT (iMac 20'')

I haven’t paid attention to this before (there are too many monitors around here). But I just noticed a display problem with fglrx on HD 2400 XT (iMac) : parts of pages get covered with gray or black while scrolling up and down in Firefox.](

I did reboot that machine a couple times and switch the driver to reproduce the problem. It never occures with either radeon or radeonhd.

i have the same type of issues using the latest drivers also, it is especially apparent using KDE 4.5’s systemsettings module where there is a subtle hover-over background change and it winks out to black.

haven’t run into a work-around for this issue, I reverted to the 10.5 driver which does not have this issue, albeit a bit slower performance.

solved with Catalyst 10.9.