Cast firewall exception


I would like to know how to add an exception for casting through chrome et al in my firewall in the new Yast>Firewall

Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: Disabling service firewalld enables casting in chrome et al. But I would like add an exception when connected to a wife in the zone “home” in my firewall. So, I would like also to avoid using iptables and stuff.

First thing you need to do is do a search on, or read the documentation for the specific type of casting you want to support…
Then, create exceptions (open) ports and port ranges as necessary.

I just checked,
And it looks like firewalld supports defining firewall ranges,
Although I haven’t personally done a deep study on iptables support for stateful packet inspection(One of those things I’ll need to spend a day on sometime), IMO it becomes more important when you’re opening a large range of ports which will likely be required (eg for Chromecast I see a requirement “Open all high ports” - Whoa, that’s some requirement). Skimming the ArchWiki for iptables, I see a number of rules that should be useful to apply stateful filtering).

In fact,
By default firewalld seems to have some differences from SuSEFW2 that are important to know relating to management but so far I don’t see anything substantive that improves on the older tool.