Case-insensitive sort in Nautilus?

I’ve just been working with some files (photos from a camera, which have block-caps names unless mount treats all block-caps as FAT16 and lower-cases it) and noticed that Nautilus is doing a case-sensitive ordering. I’ve done a quick search in the forums online and all I can find is stuff about LANG, but a) I’ve already got a sensible value and b) ls from a terminal is case-insensitive for ordering, it’s just Nautilus that isn’t.

$ echo $LANG

Anyone know what’s happened to Nautilus to make it case-sensitive when ls isn’t?


Isn’t there anyone else experiencing this behaviour?

I’ve just checked again and the situation is actually a touch stranger that I originally thought as it only applies when there are numbers in the file or folder name.

For example, “Test 1”, “test 2” and “Test 3” (either files or folders) would be incorrectly ordered as 2, 1, 3, but “Test A”, “test B” and “Test C” would be correctly ordered as A, B, C.