Caps lock state notification doesn't work.

Hello forum,

I have just installed openSUSE 12.3 KDE 64bit on my laptop which doesn’t have an indicator for caps lock state.

I went to config desktop->Application and System Notification->Application tab->Event source: Accessibility-> A lock key has been activated->play a sound

However after pressing apply, this function doesn’t work. I tried other notification option such as “show a message in a popup”. These all don’t work.

The Caps lock key itself works without problem, but it seems the state change event can’t be detected by the KDE system.

But I have another openSUSE installed on my external hard drive that is shown in my signature, this function works without problem at all.

In addition, all the keys like modifier keys (alt, shift) don’t work with notification either. I don’t know where this is related to.

I can confirm that I have the same problem. Well, not really a problem, as I’ve never used this setting before. But having a sound notification for CapLock seems like a valuable thing, so I decided to try it. Anyway, doesn’t work, just like the OP says. The sound does play if you click the test button, so it’s not like the sound file is missing. And the pop-up notification also doesn’t work, so it must just not be noticing the key press. I’m on 12.3 64-bit KDE 4.10.3.

I just found out the problem. In addition to what I have done above, you need to go to configure desktop->accessibility->Tab ‘modifier keys’->Tick the last line “use KDE’s system notification mechanism whenever…”

I don’t remember I had to do this second step when I configured the other suse a few months ago. Maybe it’s some new change. But it is not logical and it should have notified people when the first step is set.

Good sleuthing. I never would have looked there.