Caps lock indicator

I guess this is hardware related, not sure but here it goes:
As posted earlier I got this cool very linux compatible mouse and keyboard set:
Cool linux compatible keyboard/ mouse combo! - openSUSE Forums

The only issue is that there is no indicator for Caps lock, num lock or scroll lock on this keyboard, there is no light on the keyboard for them.
The keyboard came with a disk and no surprise there is nothing installable for linux as the keyboard indicator software is windows only.
So I am in a little pinch here, I have a nasty habit of hitting my caps lock by mistake and well I sort of need to way to see if I hit the caps lock by mistake.
Is there some app I can use to tell me when I hit caps lock by mistake?
I looked up the question and most of the solutions I see are to just disable caps lock.
I have no desire to do this.
I also tried another suggestion I found that said to go to keyboard in the system settings menu, go to accessibility, and get a beep when I hit the caps lockl.
But after reboot the beep doesnt work until I set it up again.
I need a third alternative if possible, maybe some sort of indicator in the panel to tell me if I hit caps lock by mistake.

Now note even though I am using Ubuntu I am sure you guys might be able to help, even if its something from OpenSuse I can port over to Ubuntu will be helpful.

Do what I do, turn CapsLock into an extra Ctrl. If using KDE, Control Center > Regional settings > Keyboard layouts. I’m sure there’s a GNOME Control Centre for this too. I hardly ever use CapsLock anyway so I don’t miss it.

CapsLock in its current position on PCs is a throwback to IBM Selectric typewriters.


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Coolies, that works just great!
Is there something simular for KDE as well, I am bound to get KDE 4.3 when it comes out so a KDE counterpart will be helpful too.

> CapsLock in its current position on PCs is a throwback to IBM Selectric
> typewriters.

no, it is a LOT older than that…the Selectric wasn’t born until '61
and it mimicked the manual typewriters of the day, which (as far as i
recall) all had capslock keys…

and, here is a comment <> “My
mother has a manual typewriter from 1935 and it has a caps lock on it!”

but i guess caplock keys were ‘old hat’ by 1935, also!


I wasn’t saying that IBM Selectrics originated CapsLock. What I was saying is that IBM put it there because of their history of manufacturing electric typewriters, and the use of the first PCs as glorified typewriters. It was when programmers came along (and perhaps Wordstar users and people used to glass TTYs) that it became obvious that Ctrl was more useful there.

oh…i misunderstood.


This is good for KDE3.x, haven’t found a good one for 4 yet.

Yeh apparently there was one for KDE4 initially but its not there anymore…
Another reason why KDE4 sucks I suppose, no wonder why on my opensuse computer (one I am using now as my other is in the shop) I am on Gnome.