Canyon CNR-WCAM820 - will it work?

I like this webcam : Webcams CNR-WCAM820
Anyone knows is it working under opensuse?

serbianSuseUser wrote:
> I like this webcam : ‘Webcams CNR-WCAM820’
> (
> Anyone knows is it working under opensuse?
> Thanks!

my initial impression is it would be absolutely impossible to
tell…why? because the technical specifications given on that web
site doesn’t mention if the cam is UVC compliant, or not (see

i didn’t look at the hardware compatibility list (HCL), but you may:

problem is, that the manufacturer might stick different guts into
their stylish plastic body one any given day, depending who the low
bidder for chips is, this week…

so, if someone bought one six months ago and gave it a thumbs up–well
that is no guarantee you will be pleased…

you might also consider a wider search (than just our HCL), something
like this, for example:“CNR-WCAM820”+linux
might be revealing…

i’d guess all of this “face tracking software, a digital zoom function
and an automatic brightness adjustment, white balance and color
compensation” is via software written entirely for Redmond and may or
may not be unavailable without extreme measures…

ON THE OTHER HAND, maybe/probably it is UVC compliant and a GNU driver
will control it just like the Washington State Game Systems…but that
is not something i can tell from here…

write the manufacturer/distributor and ask them if it all of theirs
work well with Linux…they should know…


Thanks for reply and info,specially for that google link :wink:
About those HCL/UVC lists, I think they are outdated (there is only one canyon webcam but I found infos for more to work on linux)
For this webcam best what i found is this Google Translate
But i will try to contact manuftacturer…
Any other idea?

serbianSuseUser wrote:
> Any other idea?

if it works “out of the box” with Ubuntu, there is a pretty good
chance it will work with any Linux distro with one of the newer kernels…

if you get it, and it works then be sure and update our HCL…if it
does not, before you throw it out the window come back and ASK for
help…maybe someone can help you get it working…(and, then you can
add to the HCL)


Well , i was thinking that way too…
Just hope it will work (if i get it)