Can't Watch Dr. Who Episodes!

Running Suse 11.0 32bit. Flash 9 is installed.

Trying to watch the final episode of Dr. Who on the BBC website, the video wont play. I just get this error:

“This doesn’t seem to be working. Try again later”

this sometimes is an issue with the bbc
just try later

happens to me too at times, it’s the bbc not you.

IS this the first time you’ve tried to watch on bbc or has this happened this one particular time?

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This is the first time I tried. Just figured it was a DRM problem. I’ll try again. Really want to catch some of the episodes my DVR doesn’t seem to be getting.

Thanks for the help.

the bbc just changed the iplayer on demand site
it’s NOT an improvement!
Maybe it will improve

Reading other posts around the Internet, it seem you have to be in the UK to view BBC programs. I seem to be the only Dr. Who fan who has not seen the season finale. :frowning: