Can't use zypper to install packages

i wanted to install open suse thumbleweed manually, but then i couldn’t use zypper because it couldn’t access the internet (in chroot) also pam and some other programms couldn’t install (i wanted to make an live usb stick for myself)

Not really sure what it is that you’re trying to do when you say “install opensuse tumbleweed manually” - or why you’d be running zypper in a chroot environment.

Can you provide some information about how exactly you’re installing and running tumbleweed? It sounds very non-standard.

i typed sudo zypper --installroot (rootdir of usbstick) install bash zypper grub kernel-dafault, then i wanted to install the rest of the system in the chroot enviroment

I see.

You’re probably better off either using the prebuilt image or using kiwi to build a custom image rather than trying to do it the way you’re doing it. When you start using chroot, you lose access to critical system-mounted inodes (like /dev, /sys, and so on), and it’s hard to predict what the end result would look like or what would or wouldn’t work.

As I understand it, --installroot isn’t intended for that particular use case.

Using either kiwi or the open build service (which uses kiwi) to build the images would be far easier to achieve.

Documentation is available at Building Linux System Appliances with KIWI Next Generation (KIWI NG) 9.25.5 — KIWI NG 9.25.5 documentation for kiwi.