Can't use system after going to sleep

Constantly getting “authentication failure” on login screen, and the filesystem seems to be read-only

“BTRFS error (device dm-1: state EA): bdev /dev/mapper/system-root errs: wr 2370, rd 2393, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 0”

Can’t access dmesg since I can’t log in.

Device is a Matebook X.

Going to try to reproduce this with a shell session already open so I can check dmesg

Log results:

  • nvme 0000:01:00.0: Unable to change power state from D3cold to D0, device inaccessible
  • nvme nvme0: Disabling device after reset failure: -19
  • nvme0n1: detected capacity change from 2000409264 to 0

Maybe some hints:

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It is rather hard to fix filesystem on a device that suddenly disappeared. This sounds like the problem attempted to be fixed in [PATCH] nvme-pci: Avoid to go into d3cold if device can’t use npss. (, but I am not sure of the outcome.

iommu=soft seems to fix it. I still experienced an issue even with that, but it’s harder to encounter at least now.