Can't use keyboard/mouse after update.

Today I installed openSUSE 11.3. I finished downloading updates, and restarted. I can get through the grub menu fine, but after that my keyboard and mouse fail to respond. On my windows partition(which is where I’m writing this) my keyboard and mouse work fine.

If it matters, they are the Logitech Wireless EX100 keyboard and mouse set.

You just got bummed by the kernel update.
Here is a guide to recovery:
Picasa Web Albums - caf4926 - kernel fix ya…

You can download an office slideshow here:

If they don’t work in Level 3 either then you fix it this way

Picasa Web Albums - caf4926 - DVD Kernel Fix

(or a ps2 keyboard and mouse would work) and you could boot up and do the switch back like this:

Yep lol they didn’t work in level 3 either. I should have my old emachines keyboard/mouse lying around.

And is this a kernel specific regression, or am I just not going to have a working wireless keyboard and mouse for all future updates?

It a problem in this kernel update

I would just like to say, for anyone else having this problem:

I had this problem with this exact keyboard set - Logitech EX100 and the first set of instructions in the post above fixed it, so I’m a happy bunny now!

The instructions given are not the best, as they don’t detail the process exactly, i.e. every step, for anyone new to Linux, I had to mess around with things a bit to get it to work, but it did work eventually