Can't update via YAST or zypper

Hi all,

Turned on my PC as soon as I got home & found that Factory repo had a whole bunch of updates, so I selected to ‘switch system packages’ & clicked accept.

Whatever I tried to download & install displays an error message:\

Have even deleted the factory repo & re-added, to ensure it wasn’t a change of url causing problems.

Anyone else having or had this problem? Any suggestions gratefully accepted:)

I’m running 11.2 64bit KDE 4.4.3


ashley194 wrote:
> Turned on my PC as soon as I got home & found that Factory repo

have you read this: “IMPORTANT: Note repositories are in essence file
servers on the internet containing applications, drivers, codecs, …
etc … in this case, for openSUSE. and as a new user, when setting up
your repositories by following the guidance in that page, initially
set up only 4 repositories (repos). Just 4. No others. None! Those 4
are OSS, Non-OSS, Update, and Packman. Likely the 1st three
(OSS,Non-OSS, and Update) are already in place and you only need to
add Packman. Please note that adding other repositories can cause
compatibility problems. You may add others when the time comes when
you learn how to solve problems that may arise from having others.
Until then, stick to only the 4 repositories. One may also have to
briefly add other repos, install an app, and then remove the repos
(for example for installing a graphic driver, or installing an updated
alsa sound driver). Once those 4 repos are setup, one can go to YaST >
Software > Software Management and change the “filter” to “search” and
do searches for specific applications for installation.”

let me repeat one small part: “You may add others when the time comes
when you learn how to solve problems that may arise from having
others. Until then, stick to only the 4 repositories.”

so, i ask how do you propose to solve the problem?

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Hi DenverD,

Did you mean to come on so strong?

I’ve been running Linux (various flavours) since 2005 & openSUSE for over a year. Seeing my post count doesn’t mean I’m a complete n00b.

How do I propose to solve this issue? Well all I have is 6 repo’s:

  1. OSS
  2. Non-OSS
  3. Update
  4. Packman
  5. KDE4 Factory
  6. nVidia

I’ll simply wait until 11.3, no worries. Just wanted to know if anyone else had these types of issues.


Yes, I do. Also see here: YaST2 Cannot access installation media - openSUSE 11.0 64bit - openSUSE Forums
It is actually a fairly old thread, although, if you scroll down there are posts only a few hours old.

Yep, getting the exact same issue. Not really sure what the issue is. It seemed to start just this morning.

Looks like they might have a dead mirror.


@ashley194 I am having the same issue as you on the 32bit version of KDE factory. If you look at the filelists.xml.gz file in the repodata it is making references to rpm files that are not in the repo. The filelists files have a big long name that starts with what looks like a guid at the start. Looks like the repository build command must have had some sort of issue the last time they did it.

@DenverD Please ease up with the condescension. The problem the OP is having has nothing at all to do with conflicts created by adding many repositories. The repo in question is just broken today. You post, while accurate and well supported, was not really helpful.


i concur, the usual link to the Factory KDE4 repo for 11.2 deflects (mirrorbrain?) to the server which does not contain the files… hence, update fails.

the .repo data files can be accessed showing the available updates, but the updates themselves are missing.

hope somebody notices these posts and checks it out.

while i’m on the subject, to not build the 4.4.4 release seems counterproductive in my opinion, it’s a bug fix release and could be set outside the Factory repo if it’s frozen for the pending 11.3. my 2 1/2 centavos.

Hi all,

Just updated Factory (KDE) without issue :slight_smile:


Keep this in mind folks, if a particular repository is down and thus preventing you from using YaST Software Manager or zypper, then disable that repository and try again.

It is good to see that the repository is back up. Let the updates/upgrades resume. >:)