Can't sync Firefox 4 with other computers running older versions of Firefox

The new version of Sync that comes with Firefox 4 does not let me connect to an older version of sync. Instead of letting me enter the information as before, it shows three little windows with text in them and tells me to go to the other computer sync is already installed on and open “sync options”. Well that little box, on the sync page, DOES NOT EXIST in older versions. How am I supposed to sync to my other computers?

I have been synching by copying cookie and bookmark files over ssh.

I noticed that the format of the cookie file has changed for firefox 4. I made the obvious choice - I upgraded the other systems to firefox 4 also. (I still have one to go - I plan to move that from openSuSE 11.3 to 11.4 tomorrow.

Well, I have an other interesting problem (OS 11.3, firefox 4.0).

Firefox absolutely cannot synchronize with sync…

Interesting is if I install the ‘original’ firefox 4 from mozilla, it makes it without any problems. Even the ubuntu version synchronizes.

So, dear SuSE guys, you succeeded to mess up something again.:S