Can't stop hp-systray from autostarting on login

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE Plasma.

How do I stop hp-systray from autostarting?

I have an HP LaserJet printer which only works with hplip and proprietary plugin installed.
However, I rarely use it and it stays unplugged all the time because I just don’t trust printers…
The problem is, hp-systray is always started on login (not on boot, it seems) regardless of the state of the printer (unplugged, turned off, turned on – doesn’t matter). I don’t need it, and I have a problem with services i don’t need autostarting. The ugly hp icon in my system tray doesn’t help either.

I tried deleting the desktop entry for hp-systray from /etc/xdg/autostart/ (it was there) but the entry reappears each time I boot the system. I also tried looking for a setting to turn it off in the hp-toolbox as well as searching for various config files containing the letters “hp” but I didn’t find anything.

Has anybody succeeded in stopping hp-systray from autostarting? It seems that this forum only has hplip-related questions from early 2010s, and they don’t adress my issue. Please help me achieve the peace of mind…

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the ugly icon can be set to “always hidden” if this can help. I’m in the same boat, I wouldn’t mind learning how to do this as well, there is no real reason for this piece of software to be always on.

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Thanks a lot! It solved the issue.
I really think that the hplip is an awful piece of software that have no reason to exist… I mean, CUPS is sufficent, simple and standardized, so hplip is just a band-aid solution to the proprietary nature of many hp printers, it seems

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