Can't start portmap


I installed portmap on my freshly installed 11.1 system but if I wanna start it, I get this:

desktop-reg:/home/reg # /etc/init.d/portmap status
Checking for RPC portmap daemon:                                                                    unused
desktop-reg:/home/reg # /etc/init.d/portmap start
Starting RPC portmap daemon                                                                         failed
desktop-reg:/home/reg # /etc/init.d/portmap stop
Shutting down RPC portmap daemon                                                                    done
desktop-reg:/home/reg # /etc/init.d/portmap start
Starting RPC portmap daemon 

How come? How can I get it started? I also have restarted my network - didn’t help either - any clues?

I see you are waiting for about 19 hours for any reaction. I will threw in a few words. I am on 10.3.

You installed portmap. Wasn’t it already installed at system install? I do not remember I ever installed it seperately. May be it was installed when I installed nfs-krnel-server as a dependancy. In other words, do you have the correct version?

YaST > System > System services (runlevel) gives the oportunity to start portmap. Why do you not use that? Of course starting by hand is not evil, but maybe YaST does it a bit different.

I also do not remember that I ever switched portmap on in YaST, but I did switch on nfs server. I do not know why you want portmap running, but my guess is that most of us use it for nfs. When this is the case maybe you should just stop worrying about portmap and start nfs server. In all the threads I saw about nfs problems, the starting (and a correct exports config) did the trick. Nobody ever had a portmap problem.

Hope this helps a little bit.