Can't sign into Opera

Opera version is 54.0.2952.41 from official Opera repository (I switched to it from LEAP version when was unable to sign in). The issue: when I go Syncronyse->Sign in I see the loading spinner that is spinning endlessly and nothing happens. In previous versions after clicking “Sign in” the authentication dialogue popped, but after providing my credentials the message appeared telling me that the user or password is wrong. Login and pass were totally fine because I have another computer with LEAP 15 and I’m able to sign in there. There is a difference in installations between two machines: the one that has malfunction Opera is a clean installation and the one with working was updated from LEAP 42.3.

There is a number of threads like this one at official Opera forum describing similar problem. Unfortunately at every one of them developers have no clue or don’t want to admit that the issue exists and usually users reports that the issue is gone after updating to one of the newer Opera versions (no help or clue for the root of the issue from the developers). I’ve updated Opera several times during last 3 weeks and the issue persists.

If I start Opera from console I see following messages (don’t know if it is related to the described issue):

[11159:11159:0701/] .DisplayCompositor-0x23abbedb2a00]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glBufferData: <- error from 
previous GL command
[11131:11389:0701/] CERT_PKIXVerifyCert for failed err=-8181

I do not know what you did while posting the above, but it has very small characters that give me the headache:(

from the error above it looks like an internal opera server issue and there’s nothing you or we can do about it
opensuse does provide an opera build in the non-oss repo but those binaries have not been build by opensuse this is something only opera can fix

this is something only opera can fix

Ok, maybe it is purely Opera issue, but I wonder why this issue appears at only one of my two LEAP 15 installations?

Do you have the same version of Opera on both systems? As far as I know, it updated to 54.0.2952.41 only in the last two or three days. So perhaps you have not updated Opera on all systems.

I do have the same version on both computers. Yesterday I logged out from the working installation and had troubles to login again with the similar symptoms, but today I was able to login again. Though no luck with the installation that didn’t work in the first place:(

the error is with opera’s servers

[11131:11389:0701/] CERT_PKIXVerifyCert for failed err=-8181

most likely their ssl certificate has expired and they didn’t buy a new one this should be reported over at opera
can you login without https ie just http://
that being said opera now is not what opera was especially after it was sold off for profit about a year ago
I’d suggest moving to a different browser you could try vivaldi it’s a browser by the original opera developers packman packages it for opensuse
or remove the opensuse build and install opera from their own rpm (it’s basically the same package)

most likely their ssl certificate has expired

Seems that it was the issue, but I don’t see this message any more and still unable to .

remove the opensuse build and install opera from their own rpm (it’s basically the same package)

That’s what I did when the issue appeared in the first place. Both computer have the same Opera version from official Opera repository. And I’m able to login on one computer and not able on another.