can't shutdown

I’m not sure how I went about it but somehow I have managed to disrupt the “leave” and shutdown functionality of my system running 11.1

If I right click and select leave, the screen goes grey and just sits there. If I click the mouse(either button) or press a key the screen returns to normal but without any dialog. I don’t get the usual prompt for shutdown, switch user, …

If I press the power button, the same thing happens. I get a greyscale screen and it just hangs. Everything else seems to work normally so i’m not sure how to fix this. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks, Dan

Press Ctrl-Alt-F1

at the CLI type: su
then your root password (won’t display as you type usually)

then type: reboot

Ok, thanks that’s a good way to get the system shutdown but any ideas on how to fix the non-CLI functions?

Thanks for your help BTW

– Dan

I take it this is Gnome?

By way of experiment to establish the depth of the issue. Use Yast to create a new user. Login with the new user. Can this new user shutdown?

I’m using KDE and your suggestion provided interesting results. The new user works properly so any idea how to fix the previous user settings?

Thanks, Dan

How heavily customised is your desktop?

If it isn’t too much hassle to recreate it, just renaming the ~/.kde4 directory (or ~/.kde in the case of KDE 3) will probably fix it.

it’s not really customized too much, I was just playing around with various desktop themes. I ended up deleting the user, but saving the home directory, and then adding the user back and that fixed it. Hope this helps someone else since it even retained my previous desktop settings. I thought those would be lost when I deleted the user.

Thanks again everyone

– Dan

Well done. Happy well lead you in the right direction. Thanks for filling us in. It may help others;)