Can't shut down properly

I’m running OpenSuse 11.1 with KDE 4.2.91 and can’t seem to shut down properly.

If I select “shut down” from the Lancelot menu then it brings up the “log out” button only. If I click it I log out (unsurprisingly).

My K Application Launcher widget doesn’t have shutdown as an option at all, only logout/suspend etc.

If I type “shutdown now” into console it just kicks me out to terminal, but asks me to log in again.

Any thoughts? I’ve tried disabling desktop effects on the off chance, but no joy. I think I’ve had this for as long as I’ve been on KDE 4.3 beta but I couldn’t swear to it. Certainly for a few weeks, anyway.



Bizarrely, sorting out my KDM log-in problem (Ugly login screen? - openSUSE Forums) also sorted out this one.

This Linux thing is quite beyond me at times :wink:

You’re missing a switch here. “-h” tells it to power off the computer; otherwise, the default is run level 1.

shutdown -h now