Can't shut down or access yast

I think I created this problem. Ubuntu has GRUB and I accessed Suse’s partition while in Ubuntu to copy Suse’s new kernel id from the menu.lst and paste it into Ubuntu’s menu.lst. I boot into Suse OK but, don’t have any rights. “su -” gives me “su: cannot set groups: Operation not permitted”. I can’t open Yast either.


can you logon as root? Can you boot up only to level 3 and connect on the console as root?
Did you accidentally change the owner of the files in / on your Suse-installation?

I re-installed Suse 11.1 after trying unsuccessfully to restore su. I then did an Acronis disk image of the newly installed Suse with upodates. I then booted to Ubuntu and repeated what I had done yesterday; in Ubuntu accessed the Suse partition’s menu.lst. Then I rebooted into Suse with the same results; shutdown grayed out, no Yast or su-. I then restored my Suse Image. So I know what the problem is; just not how to fix it. If Suse does a kernel update and I don’t notice it before shutting down Suse how do I get the new kernel id for Ubuntu’s Grub?