Can't setup Gmail account with Kontact

I’m trying to set up a couple of Gmail accounts to be used within Kontact and Kmail.

I’m following the default method, by going to “Settings > Add Account”, and following the steps. I insert my email address and password, let the program find the correct IMAP settings from the server, and go on until the window where I am asked to access to my Google Account (with Oauth I think) and allow Akonadi to it.

Again, I have to insert my credentials and click on Allow, then a window telling me to wait appears (authorizing token, this will just take a moment.), and nothing happens.

Similarly, I can’t even add my Google account for Contacts and Calendar.

This is a serious problem, and I need to solve it as soon as possible. Is anybody else experiencing this?

EDIT: did a bit of research, this appeared on other distros too:

No. Two Gmail accounts working fine here.

Here are the settings I use
IMAP server

SSL/TLS on port 993
Authentication : PLAIN

Server requires authentication checked
SSL on port 465
Authentication LOGIN

Sounds like, caused by a change done by Google.

A fix is on the way to Tumbleweed, and should arrive there together with the KDE Applications 17.12.1 update…

Thank you, I already have a working installation that works just fine.

The problem is adding new accounts, not having issues with ones already setup times ago.

Also, it does not seem to be a problem tied to wrong IMAP settings (I can’t even get to that point) but rather to the authorization procedure where you allow an external app (akonadi in this scenario) to access your Google account.

It has been accepted one hour ago, so should be in the next Tumbleweed snapshot… :wink:

What can I say, Tumbleweed is a awesome distro and the openSUSE community really rocks.

Thanks !

Everything is working correctly now!