Can't set any jpg/png as desktop background.

I’ve had this problem for a long time (since I first installed 11.2) but I hoped KDE SC 4.4 would fix it for me. Since it didn’t, I decided to make a thread about it. I have a really weird problem ─ I can only set svg graphics as desktop backgrounds. I can’t put any kind of png/jpg (haven’t tried others) picture as a wallpaper. All I get is a black background. The weather backgrounds etc. work perfectly fine. I can create a svgz file in Inkscape and insert a png image in it but that’s kind of a stupid workaround for a problem. Has anyone encountered a problem like this? I’ve searched the forums and the web with Google and I couldn’t find any answers.

If you right click and config desktop
in the settings for the wallpaper you can access all your images anywhere
you should be able to select .jpg and .png
I can, no problem

I simply copied the jpg files I wanted from 11.1 into the relevant folder in 11.2 and selected them as normal.

I am able to select any file I want. But all I get is a black background, no matter which file I select.](](

That’s pretty weird. I bet you didn’t compile KDE yourself with missing libjpeg or libpng support ?
Try not to scale the images, select ‘centered’.
Are you sure the images are there ?
Try to enter a full path!

Wow. Centering the image worked. I feel like such a moron for not trying this option.
Thank you very much.