Can't see 'Xfce session' after update

Hey all. I’m a new openSUSE user. Thought of giving some other distros a try, so I started with openSUSE.

I installed the Xfce packages and when I went to go install a panel plugin, it said that it needed to install some other stuff, including an update of xfce4-session to xfdesktop. After I did this, I could no longer see ‘Xfce session’ in the “Sessions” part of the log-in menu when I tried to log-in again.

What do I need to do to fix this issue?

Login with IceWM
Check in Yast and make sure the XFCE pattern is installed

Logging in with IceWM simply gives me a bluish background with a gray taskbar, resembling nothing like the desktop I had before.

And I’ve checked Yast; the Xfce pattern has a check-mark by it, so I’m going to assume that means it’s installed.

In my original post, I meant to say Xfce4-desktop (and not Xfce4-session) was replaced by xfdesktop. Sorry for any possible confusion.

Look thru the package list in the xfce pattern and check for obvious missing packages and then from the ‘Package’ menu on the top
Do update all in this list Unconditionally

I looked through the package list in the Xfce pattern and could not find any obvious missing packages to be installed.

I did not know how to do the words in bold above.

This will give you a hint in the right direction

Well, looks like I didn’t have my YaST interface set to QT, so that explains why I wasn’t able to see it.

But I finally managed to get ‘Xfce session’ to show by filtering it out by Repos, selecting the Xfce repo, then selecting “Switch installed versions to the packages in this repository.”

Does that mean you are OK or Not.