Can't see OpenVPN tunnel from local network

I’ve installed OpenVPN on my local network server. From the server machine I can see connected remote clients and vice-versa. However, from other machines on the local network the remote clients are unreachable and vice-versa. I have followed the instructions for setup in SDB:OpenVPN Installation and Setup - OpenSUSE. The local network is protected by a Netgear FVS338 firewall which forwards traffic for port 1194 to the server. Port 1194 UDP is open on the OpenVPN server machine.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Try browsing (“seeing”) the missing Hosts using IP addresses.

Names will work only <if> the hostnames are in the DNS cache, and it’s well known that by default VPN tunnels may establish an encrypted connection between points but use default DNS which typically may be public and almost certainly won’t contain records for remote VPN hosts (using private network addresses).

If you establish what I just described as true, then the solution(s) should be obvious… Provide hostname resolution for the hosts in the remote network. You can distribute Hosts files with those records, set up your own DNS and point your VPN clients to it, etc.